Top 4 Misconceptions About Yoga

Yoga is a very friendly exercise that is perfect for the beginners. It gives you positive attitude and a sharp mind. There are many misconceptions about yoga.

You need to stretch yourself and twist your body like an acrobat

This is a misconception. You don’t have to become an acrobat to start yoga. When people start yoga, they cannot reach the ankles in a forward fold the first time. You need to practice before you can do it. You should practice balance poses at home

Yoga is a religious practice

Yoga has spiritual roots. But most yoga focuses on athletic poses. Some yoga classes focus on meditation. It helps to keep you fit and in shape just like the other exercises.

Yoga classes are created equally

It is not true. There are many varieties of yoga classes. Hot yoga classes encourage flexibility; power yoga classes use different athletic poses. There are separate yoga classes for children, seniors and expecting mothers. From so many choices, you will find something that you like.

You only need to do yoga to stay fit

Yoga is a wonderful way to improve your body and mind. However, combining cardio and strength training along with yoga will give you the best results. You can also take your dog for a walk or run in the park. You can do push-ups as well. Yoga is not the only exercise.

These misconceptions about yoga sometimes discourage people from practicing yoga. But you must remember that yoga is easy and can be practiced by anyone. It can improve your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

4 Reasons Why You Should Meditate Every Day

The benefits of meditation are unlimited. Your life completely changes when you meditate. You should meditate every day and here are the reasons why.

You can become more mindful

By being more mindful, you will become more aware of your thoughts and actions. You will start observing everything rationally. It helps you to focus on the present rather than on the past or future.

10012443465_369df8e583_bDecreases stress

We all experience stress. It is something that is unavoidable. Too much stress can be unhealthy. Deep inhales, and exhales can help you refocus your attention and concentrate on what’s happening right now. This way your stress will decrease as you will divert your mind to something else.

Gain control over emotions

When you are happy, you can express your emotions well. You can express negative emotions as well, like anger, sadness, etc. but under control. You will no longer be like those people who cannot control their emotions in front of other people and create an unhealthy environment to live in.

meditation-by-the-lake-55721299753723ly4Help to make better life decisions

By meditating, you become more aware of your thoughts, emotions, and actions. So, you can make better decisions. You won’t react to difficult situations. Instead, you will try to make an informed decision.

By meditating you learn to understand your inner self better. You become more thoughtful, instead of being aggressive and irrational. The good thing about meditation is that you can do it anywhere, but a quiet and empty place is preferred. You should meditate every day and keep yourself healthy both physically and mentally.




Top 4 Physical and Emotional Benefits We Can Get from Spirituality

The number of people who believe in God is decreasing. The Millennials are considered to be the least religious generation in the past decade. Many people try yoga for exercise. But most of them give up soon. Those who stick to it are for spiritual reasons. When you consider yourself as being spiritual, you will feel happy, have a longer life, have no chance of depression and have more faith in relationships. Their children will also grow up to be happy and happier with their family life. Here are four ways spirituality benefits your health.

Feel the need for donating to the poor


Spiritual people get engaged in community activities like donating to the poor or do voluntary works. This helps to get rid of stress. It leads to a longer life.

They meditate

The majority of spiritual people meditate to get over with their stress. They don’t get involved in other unhealthy habits. Meditation has a lot of benefits. It improves concentration, gets rid of stress and depression, reduces a headache, promotes good sleep, and more.

Spends more time with family

Social connection is the most important element of happiness after food and shelter. People who are spiritual will spend more time with family. They will feel a strong sense of belonging to a community of people whose mentalities match.

They pray

indexAccording to research, prayer helps people to find comfort. It helps them dealing with difficult emotions. It leads to healthier relationships and melts their hearts to encourage forgiveness.

All these are positive practices that will yield good results in terms of our physical and emotional wellbeing. All these are good habits, and we must adopt them to lead a happy life.